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The Angie Avard Turner Show

Mar 10, 2022

About Carrie:

Carrie spent 15 years in the corporate world with several different jobs that cumulatively are what she does now: teaching people how to live in an organized home and setting up the systems for them to function best. Carrie always loved creating beauty in her surroundings. Decluttering, simplifying, and creating functional systems is her medium to do this. Most people feel that getting rid of clutter is overwhelming - but to her it’s exhilarating. She enjoys helping them see that they don't have to hold on to stuff that doesn't serve them, and she sees the potential for organization in all spaces and love bringing that vision to life.

 Carrie's company, Neatsmart, is a boutique home organization company that organizes your home beautifully. Neatsmart thoughtfully edits, selects the right products, and implements the system to get and keep your home organized.  Neatsmart is based in Marietta, GA, and un-complicates homes in the greater Atlanta area. 

Where You Can Find Carrie:

Website: NeatSmart

Instagram: NeatSmart

Facebook: NeatSmart

Pinterest: NeatSmart