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The Angie Avard Turner Show

Mar 24, 2022

About Holly:

Holly doesn't remember not being completely fascinated by unique things. Countless hours as a young child spent with her mother and grandmother in fabric and design stores, always thumbing through catalogs looking at clothes or textiles and drawers of apparel patterns. The love for design was definitely passed down to her.
In 2020 Holly formed Holly Shae Design with just an oyster shell as inspiration.  Her brand has evolved from accessories and jewelry to linens and now the design of a clothing line. 

Design of clothing has been a dream of hers since she was a teen. Holly remembers seeing the work and style of Carolina Herrera and Diane von Furstenberg and being mesmerized; she carried ideas around with her for three decades and now they are coming to life.

With my work now sold in over 100 boutiques and resorts throughout the US, Canada and Europe,  She hopes you will find the same love of these things as she always has! 

Where to Find Holly:

Website: Holly Shae Design

Instagram: Holly Shae Design