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The Angie Avard Turner Show

Sep 15, 2022

About Jennifer and Minda:

Jennifer Nielson and Minda Pacheco are the proud creators of the Unstoppable Business Conference. First and foremost, they are women who have been there. They understand deep pain and struggle. They know what it is like to "get knocked down and get back up again."

As energetic healers, coaches, and mentors, they are dedicated to health and wellness in every area of their lives. Jen and Minda are wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs. They have a close friendship of twenty-five years, and a combined 40 years of experience planning and hosting events.

Where to Find Jen and Minda:

Website: Unstoppable Business Conference

Instagram: Unstoppable Business Conference

Jen's Instagram: Jennifer Nielson

Minda's Instagram: Minda Pacheco