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The Angie Avard Turner Show

Sep 29, 2022

About Leigh Gale:

Kate Leigh is a resortwear brand for women and girls.  From the beaches of Boca Grande to the streets of Nantucket, Leigh hopes you will pack her limited edition dresses for many memorable moments.

Kate Leigh is a brand that celebrates women and girls, but also especially mothers and daughters. Kate Leigh brand was founded in honor of Leigh's mother Penny. Working on the development of this brand and custom prints allows the legacy of her late mother who passed from breast cancer and whose nickname with close friends and family was “Penny,” to shine through and make all who wear the deisgns feel magical! In loving memory of Penny, a portion of the Kate Leigh proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.

Throw on a Kate Leigh dress and set off on countless adventures..

Where to Find Leigh Gale:

Website: Kate Leigh

Instagram: Kate Leigh